Welcome to the AO VET Davos Course 2019

Dear AO VET course participant

We welcome you to our AO VET courses in Davos. In 2019 we run two courses for our community. We can inform that we offer:

AO VET Master Course—Challenges and Controversies in Small Animal Orthopedics
AO VET Master Course—Equine Arthrodesis Techniques and Fracture Fixation

We hope your experience here will encourage you to become more interested in the AO community, specifically in AO VET.




What is AO VET? We are veterinarians associated with the AO Foundation and we form one of the organization's four specialties along with AO CMF, AO Spine and AO Trauma. The goal of all specialties is to integrate applied and clinical research, education and community development functions into one direction for the benefit of our members, stakeholders and patients.

How can AO VET help you? By working together and forming a dynamic group, we improve our ability to focus and leverage our resources, expertise and skills. This leads to better results and more rewards and benefits four our members.

Why should you join AO VET? WE NEED YOU! By joining AO VET you will become part of the veterinary family within the AO Foundation. Through this membership you will develop lifelong friendships with leading veterinary specialists in trauma care as well as with key players in human CMF, Spine and Trauma surgery. Being involved with these stimulating groups will help you to expand your "knowledge network" and will provide new opportunities to advance veterinary trauma care.

Yours sincerely,

Carl Kirker-Head           Alessandro Piras
AO VET Chairman          AO VET Education Commission


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