AO VET General Course Information

Evaluation Guidelines

All AO VET courses apply the same evaluation process, either audience response system (ARS) or printed questionnaires. This will help AO VET to ensure that we continue to meet your training needs.

Conflicts of Interest (COI)

All disclosure information can be found through a link in the individual event programs.

Intellectual Property

Event materials, presentations, and case studies are the intellectual property of the event faculty. All rights are reserved. Check hazards and legal restrictions on

Recording, photographing, or copying lectures, practical exercises, case discussions, or any event materials is strictly forbidden. Participants violating intellectual property will be dismissed.

The AO Foundation reserves the right to film, photograph, and audio record during its events. Participants must understand that in this context they may appear in these recorded materials. The AO Foundation assumes participants agree that these recorded materials may be used for the AO's marketing and other purposes, and that they may be made available to the public.

Security check

Security checks will be conducted at the building entrance. Wearing a name tag is compulsory during lectures, practical exercises, and group discussions.

No insurance

The event organization does not take out insurance to cover any individual against accident, theft, or other risks.

Use of mobile phone

Use of mobile phones is not allowed in the lecture halls and in other rooms during educational activities. Please be considerate of others by turning off your mobile phone.

Use of social media

During the Davos Courses you can post about your experience using the #AODavosCourses2019. While we encourage you to share your Davos Courses experience with your online network, it is expressly forbidden to share any images or recordings from inside the course.

Dress code

Course: Casual.
Davos: Warm clothes and suitable shoes are advisable.

Lunch Breaks


AO is pleased to announce that during this year's Davos courses, lunch will be offered to all course participants and faculty members.

Please bring your name badge with you every day in order to be served in the various lunch areas. Try the buffets next to your course rooms. If there is a long queue, you can also try another area.

Lunch areas for participants

There will be two lunch areas for participants with buffets and tables in the Congress Center:

Foyers: Sanada (Level Kurpark), and A1 (Level Talstrasse)

Lunch area for Faculty members

Faculty will be served at Extrablatt restaurant—which is reserved exclusively for them.


Participants who have not booked a package including hotel should settle their hotel bill directly when checking out.

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