AO Spine Advanced level course on Complex Cervical Problems


December 8-11, 2019


Richard (Rick) Bransford, Seattle, United States

Educational Advisor

Chung Chek Wong, Kuching, Malaysia

Supporting Faculty Members

John C. France, Morgantown, United States of America

Osmar JS Moraes, São Paulo, Brazil

Bangping Qian, Nanjing, China

Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran, Coimbatore, India

Matti Scholz, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Maarten Spruit, Nijmegen, Netherlands


In this course we will train the participants on complex cervical problems providing an in-depth hands on training incl. small group practical exercises on artificial bones, case discussions and lectures.

Why you should attend this course and how it could benefit your daily practice

Complex cervical pathologies continue to persist despite advances in preventative healthcare. Management of these issues can be challenging and complicated. With detailed understanding of anatomy, operative techniques, and how to utilize available tools, successful and safe outcomes can be achieved.

What this course offers

This three-day course will explore complex cervical pathologies from the occipital-cervical junction to the cervico-thoracic junction. Case-based discussions will explore aspects of assessment, planning, surgical techniques, and complication management. Experienced AO spine surgeons from each of the major region will serve as facilitators for the group discussions, which will be further augmented with hands-on skills labs to practice and implement surgical techniques.

Learning Objectives

After attending this course, participants will be able to:
• Demonstrate an understanding of advanced technique application to the cervical spine
• Discuss anticipated complications and risks with various techniques
• Recognize specific nuances related to individual complex cervical problems
• Outline a well-thought out plan with a step-by-step technique for individual cases
• Demonstrate in a lab practical expertise with available tools and techniques

Course Program

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